T.A.N.K (Think of A New Kind)

Album: The Burden of Will (2012)

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Song: Disturbia

Bitrate: 96kbps

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After a critique salutated first album and some shows in
famous european festivals, T.A.N.K has imposed itself as a
figurehead of the French Metal scene.

Created in 2007 in the parisian suburbs, the band provides a
powerful music, influenced by Soilwork, In Flames, Pantera,
or Machine Head, among others.

Besides a solid studio experience, T.A.N.K has built a strong
reputation as live performers. Touring alongside formations
such as Dagoba or Sybreed, and after participations to
mythical festivals like the Wacken Open Air (Germany) or
the Metal Camp (Slovenia), the band was able to prepare
its first album : THE BURDEN OF W ILL.

Released at the fall of 2010 through Season of Mist ( Mayhem,
Morbid Angel...), the LP has been unanimously acclaimed by the
Press and the specialized webzines.

Next album should see the light at the beginning of 2012.